Gancore IPA

The ideal IPA is beer with lots of Chinook hops; Stone Head’s Gancore IPA is a light crafted beer which is an enjoyable drink especially with meals. It gives you a feeling of relaxation through the mixture of citrus orange and caramel in the bottle.

Smiling Evil

Smiling Evil is an American Pale Ale with an infusion of Montueka hops from New Zealand, resulting in a floral and juicy citrus taste.

Red Bus

Stone Head’s Red Bus Amber is an American Amber Ale with a middle-hard body. It features special caramel malt and floral flavors.

Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk Lager is a cross between lager, ale and cream ale. After the first sip you will notice a very defined balance and smell of wheat, malt & honey.


A hybrid beer crossing between lager and ale. Our Lemongrass Kolsch is a representation of Asian culture and tradition. Drinkers will definitely smell and taste a subtle sense of Lemongrass.

Seven Days

Everyday Belgian Witbier that emphasises the taste and the smell of wheat. If you enjoy a beer after a hard days work then Seven Days would be a perfect choice for you


Coconut Cream Ale is a hybrid between Ale and Lager. A light-body mixed with Coconut aroma from the beginning to the end. The coconut after taste is deliberately representative of Asian culture.

Chocolate & Hazelnut

Stone Head’s medium bodied stout. If you are a chocolate lover, this is a perfect beer for you. You can definitely taste and smell the flavor of hazelnut.


Stone Head’s The Dark Side is a dark Stout beer made from quality roasted malt, which is the source of its dark brown to almost black colour, that lends itself to a taste similar to coffee. The Dark Side stout achieved World Beer Awards 2017 – The United Kingdom.