S Liquor

We are pleased to announce our product is now available in selected S Liquor Stores across Phnom Penh. Run along and fill your basket now with your favourite Stone Head Craft brew at: Sen Sok, Supercheap & Tuol Tumpong #SLiquor#Stone Head

Stone Head Group Appoints Koh Kong Brewers As Their Distribution Partner

Stone Head are extremely proud to announce its partnership with¬† Koh Kong Brewers Distribution Co. Ltd.¬† Koh Kong Brewers were established in 2020 and chosen by us to serve the Cambodian market to distribute Stone Head product throughout the Kingdom. In partnership we offer an extensive range of product, including seasonal beers utilising the best […]

Nationwide Delivery

Next Day Anywhere Stone Head Cambodia are pleased to announce you can now order your favorite tipple through our on- line store to anywhere in Cambodia, next day. Just place your order before 14:00 and if you spend $100 then delivery is free of charge.

On The Move

Stone Head Co Ltd Having spent the last several years brewing in Koh Kong, Stone Head Co Ltd, the brewing arm of Stone Head Thailand Co Ltd, have recently completed a move to new premises in Phnom Penh. Situated in the Sen Sok area of town the new Brewery facilities incorporate a Tap Room which […]

By-Products Of Brewing

Brewer’s spent grain (also called spent grain, brewer’s grain or draff) is the main by-product of the brewing process…


Filtering stabilises the flavour of beer, holding it at a point acceptable to the brewer, and preventing further development from the yeast…


After an initial or primary fermentation, beer is conditioned, matured, or aged in one of several ways which can take from 2 to 4 weeks, several months, or several years…


There are three main fermentation methods, warm, cool, and wild or spontaneous…